Frankie Bordeaux: From Projects to Politics

How a poor African-American child rose up to become a business and political leader and role model for his community.

Frankie Bordeaux is well-known in North Carolina as the former Executive Director of the Boys and Girls Clubs of Nash and Edgecombe Counties. He ran for a State Senate seat in 2010 and is currently focusing on property management and real estate development in his hometown of Greenville, N.C. Also, Frankie Bordeaux is a long time NCAA men’s basketball official who is respected by players, coaches, fans and others associated with the game. This diverse and highly visible business leader came from very humble beginnings.

Frankie Bordeaux Early Life

Frankie Bordeaux was born to William, Sr. and Carrie Bordeaux on a cold January day in 1958. He was the third of six children. Frankie Bordeaux recalls that the family lived in a Wilmington public housing development called Jervai Projects until he was halfway through elementary school. Through a strong and powerful determination, Frankie Bordeaux ’s father relocated the family to a middle class neighborhood where the Bordeaux brood would attend John T. Hoggard High School.

A First for the Bordeaux Family

After graduating from John T. Hoggard High School, Frankie Bordeaux attended Elizabeth City State University in Elizabeth City, N.C. At Elizabeth City State University, he received a bachelor’s degree in Health and Physical Education. Frankie Bordeaux was the first member of his family to graduate from college. Today, Bordeaux holds a certification from the Institute of Political Leadership and has completed extensive coursework towards his post-graduate degree from North Carolina State University.

Parental Guidance

Growing up, Frankie Bordeaux was taught that hard work, integrity, and honesty were the three keys to personal success. His father instilled in the Bordeaux children these values while their mother imparted compassion and kindness. Frankie Bordeaux credits his upbringing for teaching him to appreciate the things he has and always to look for ways to help others. Although the family matriarch has since passed on, Frankie Bordeaux honors her memory by living every day by the guidance she so lovingly provided her children.

Many people find the path to success a difficult one, says Frankie Bordeaux. His story is different in that many underprivileged youngsters, especially minorities who grew up in the 60s and 70s, didn’t have the familial support that Frankie Bordeaux and his siblings shared. Frankie Bordeaux has traveled an amazing distance in his life’s journey and finds joy in passing along his earned wisdom to others. These days, Frankie Bordeaux shares his experiences with those needing encouragement. He says it is his greatest hope that his past serve as a reminder to all that from meager beginnings one can change his fate and rise above the point where society believes he will falter.

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